Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Ultimate Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Okay gals, if you are like me, you prettttty much always wait until the last minute to do anything!  I swear I always say I'm going to order gifts early each year, and here I am, searching online for Father's Day Gifts with just a few days to spare.  Luckily, Amazon always has my back, and I got all of Kenny's gifts ordered, and they will be on my doorstep just in time for Father's Day!  

So, for all of you last minute shoppers like me, I've come up with my top, last minute, Father's Day Gift ideas for every budget!  These gifts would be great for Father's Day, Birthdays, Brother/Brother-in-Law get my drift.  Any fella in your life would love any of these goodies!  
So enough yappin', Father's Day is on SUNDAY...let's get to shoppin'


This genuine leather band will fit Series 1, 2, and 3 Apple Watches and comes in 10 color options!
It's available for 38mm and 42mm watches. It has amazing reviews!


I kinda think I need to get this for Kenny as well! 
It has AMAZING reviews and would be so perfect for the beach, backyard, boat, you get my drift.  You can take this bad boy anywhere, and I LOVE that it's waterproof!  And for only $34, you seriously can't beat that price!


We have these speakers, and my husband loves them!  We have the sound bar and two speakers for our surround sound, but they don't have this Alexa Voice Control, which I kinda think we need! Haha! I mean, at least I don't think they do...
Anyways, to me, a speaker is a speaker, but my husband will argue that statement in a heartbeat!  
These are an Amazon Best Seller, and you can buy them as 1 speaker, a 2 room set, 3 room set or 4 room set.  
So, from my husband's point of view...these would make a great gift! :)

Regular Price - $39.99
SALE PRICE - $26.99 (save 33%)

Okay, so we have all seen similar products but what I love about this one is it's for your beer...or ummm...beverage bottle!  BUT, that's not all (I sound like The Price is Right...) it can also be used for a can and has a built-in bottle opener.  
Okay, I'm getting this for myself...does it come in pink???
The reviews are really good for this as well!


Unfortunately, my husband and I have had our fair share of our credit cards getting hacked.'s seriously so frustrating and such a pain in the a$$ when it happens.  
After 2 times in a row, I got him a wallet with this RFID blocking technology, and I use these, and we have yet to have another incident (knock on wood) 
I HIGHLY recommend a wallet and credit card sleeves!
This wallet comes in a few leather color options and has excellent reviews!

Regular Price - $99.99
SALE PRICE - $79.99 (you save 20%)

Another Amazon Choice Product!
And, let's talk about the 26,000+ positive reviews it has!  It comes in 5 color options, AND it's on sale right now for 20% off!  
This is a gift I feel like the whole family will love!
If this is something YOU have wanted it, grab it for yourself and wrap it as a Father's Day gift!  He won't ever know!

Regular Price - $269
SALE PRICE: $179.95 (you save $82 / 32% off)

Okay, this thing is pretty cool, and I'm wondering if I can use it for my legs..haha!
It comes with a facial cleansing brush attachment and has a digital interface. It has multiple speeds to help fit your skin and hair type.  Pretty cool, Phillips Norelco....prettttttty cool! 

Regular Price: $155
SALE PRICE: $87.75 (you save $67.25 / 43%)

Ummmm, can we say Deal of the Day!  
So apparently with this watch, you can snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more.  
It's Android and iPhone compatible, and you can change the straps. 
This product and other's I've already mentioned also have the option to add a warranty.


This is another Amazon Choice Product.
I grabbed this for my husband because I got him a Traeger Grill for Christmas last year.  
He LOVES to BBQ.  I swear he has 4 BBQ I figured he'd use it.  Plus, I've successfully broken our last two meat thermometers and could use a new one! 


I feel like these have become so so popular lately and for a good reason too!  I've honestly been wanting one to wear when I work out!  These have fantastic reviews, and I thought this one and this one looked pretty cool too!

Regular Price - $69.99
SALE PRICE: $39.95 + $10 coupon

I LOVE my Sonicare toothbrush so much!  And, I love the sleek, black color of this one!  
I highly recommend this for anyone in the family! It comes in several colors too!

That's it, folks! 
Hope you enjoyed this Last Minute Gift Guide and if anything, I hope it gave you some ideas if you were stuck on what to get!  
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