Thursday, March 29, 2018

Designer Inspired One Piece Swimsuits You Won't Believe are From Amazon

So this past Tuesday, I shared some designer inspired swimsuits from Amazon  on my Instagram, and it was a huge hit! I found some of the cutest, most flattering swimsuits for 2018 that will look amazing on all body types! Not only that, but all the swimsuits are affordable at under $30.  I'm sharing One Piece Swimsuits as well as a few flattering bikinis, so log into your Amazon account and lets get started!



I LOVE one piece swimsuits that are a cross between a one-piece and a bikini.  You kinda get the best of both worlds :). This one is definitely my favorite and was one I personally ordered. 
I almost bought a VERY similar bathing suit to this one online but didn't want to shell out $70.  This one will only cost you $26.99 and is available with Amazon Prime.  

$19.99 - $26.99

I love a scalloped hem bathing suit. This is another one that gives you the best of both a bikini and a one-piece with the cut out in the middle.  I've seen some scalloped hem bathing suits similar to this one in the $100 price range, but this cutie ranges from $19.99-$26.99 depending on the color you choose.  There are 4 color options, is available with Amazon Prime and free returns on some color options.  This one also has excellent reviews.


$9.99 - $22.99

The one piece on the left is such a popular bathing suit but will cost you $118!
The one on the right looks pretty dang close, right?!  That one will only cost you $9.99- $22.99 based on the color you choose.  It's available in black, blue and green and is available with Amazon Prime with free returns on some color options.  

$28.99 - $29.99

This one is soooo cute!  It comes in 6 color options, including an adorable striped one.  I love how they've completely changed one-pieces.  A few years ago, I wouldn't even think about wearing one, and now, it's all I buy.  I love the deep V on this one, but it's not too much because you are still pretty covered with it being a one piece.  I didn't order this one, but now I think I need it! This one has fantastic reviews and costs $28.99-$29.99.  It's available on Amazon Prime and free returns. 


Not only does this one have AMAZING reviews, 
but it also comes in 20 color options!  It's only $27.99 + Prime




Okay y'all!  I've been drooling over the bikini on the left for sooo long BUT the top is $118, and the bottoms are an additional $110. Now, unless this bathing suit is going to make me look like a Victoria's Secret model, I'm not shelling out that kind of money for one.  But the one on the right will only cost you $9.28 + $3.68 in shipping!!!!
I know, crazy, right!  I LOVE the high waisted bottoms, and the tassels are soooooo cute!  This is another one I ordered!


I LOVE this bathing suit soooo much!  It comes in 5 color options and has AMAZING reviews!
I love how you can throw on a skirt or shorts at the beach or on vacation, and it would look like a completely different outfit.  You would probably catch me wearing this top as an actual top on vacation!  haha!  I ordered this one too, and it will cost you $25.99 and is available with Amazon Prime and free returns with some color options. 

$10.98 - $16.98

I love this one shoulder bikini!  It comes in 5 color options and the price ranges from $10.98 - $16.98 + Prime,  depending on the color you choose!


How cute is this one! I love the print, and I think it would be so cute for a Carribean vacation.  
This one also has excellent reviews and is $16.99 with free shipping! 


Another good dupe, y'all!  The bathing suit on the left will run you $80 for the top and $86 for the bottom, but the dupe on the right is only $24 + prime.
It comes in black, red and yellow, just like the designer version. I did read a review saying the yellow is a bit see-through but that wasn't mentioned in the black and red.  The tops do have removable padding.  



I had to share a couple cover-ups as well.  This one I actually have and purchased from a boutique for a lot more.  I wore it on our vacation to Barbados a couple years ago.  
It has amazing reviews, comes in 6 color options and only $12.99 with Prime and free returns. 


I have a really similar cover up to this one that I got from Victoria's Secret, and it's soo cute.  I do want to mention that it is chiffon material so it will be a little see through.  The picture looks like it is not, so I just wanted to note that.  
This one is $12.99 with Prime and free returns and comes in 7 colors. 

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