Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday's 10 under $25

Hey everyone!  So I started something new on Instagram where I share 10 items under $25 every Tuesday on my stories.  It's been really popular, so I decided to share the items on my blog as well. 
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So here are the 10 items for today! I've also included 2 really good dupes.  Y'all know I love my dupes!

This is a really good dupe for the Chloe backpack that retails for almost $1500.
This one is only $22 and has really good reviews! 

Here is another really good dupe for a Gucci belt that will cost you $420.
This one is only $14.99 and comes in 3 colors.

These shirts are sooooo popular!  I love the stripes because, I mean, you can't go wrong with stripes!  
These are only $24.50 with free shipping! 

I always get asked about this on the back of my phone! It's a popsocket and makes holding your phone like 1 million times easier!  
Comes in a ton of color options!

Okay, I LOVE these two necklaces!  Both are only $14.00 with free shipping!
I ordered the bottom one!

I think these are PERFECT for spring!  So easy to just throw on and get out the door!
They come in this taupe color and also black!  
Only $24.99

These are personally some of my favorite tees!  They are normally $17 and 3 colors are on sale right now for only $10.20

And WHY for the life of me can't I upload the last 2 items, I'll never know!
I'll link them both here, and you can see it under  "Shop the Post" below!
Both tops are around $12, and you can get an extra 20% off with code "SWEET"


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