Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mommy Must Haves

Hi, everyone! 
 I can't believe as I'm writing this, we literally one day away from Maddyn turning 6 weeks old!  I SWEAR it feels like I was just in the hospital last week!
She has brought so much joy and happiness to our little family!  Her big sister ADORES her, and she is just the sweetest little baby girl ever!  I had it in my mind how sweet it was going to be as a big sister, and I can't even begin to explain how full my heart is seeing the love Londyn has for her.

I wanted to come up with 10 of my favorite, can't live without, products for you!
I went a little cray cray with Londyn and ended up having too much stuff that I didn't even use so I hope you find this list a little helpful!   
Though I can't give my personal review on this, I did ask y'all on my instastories if this is worth the price and sooo many of y'all told me how much you love it! The reviews are AMAZING so I went ahead and ordered this bad boy to use during the day.  Stayed tuned!

If you are nursing, DEFINITELY don't forget the nipple cream and don't forget to pack it in your hospital bag.  This is the one I used for Londyn and what I use with Maddyn!
And want to know a little secret.....use it on your lips!  You will have the softest lips EVER!  You're welcome! ;)

Swaddle Blankets
These are my absolute favorite swaddle blankets ever.  For Londyn, I had those old school hard, small swaddle blankets (you know which ones I'm talking about...) but these are just the best.  She doesn't really love to be swaddled anymore, but I use them for everything.  I throw it over her car seat if we are out in public and she's sleeping, I use it for a burp rag, to lightly cover her if I'm holding her while she naps, Londyn uses them too!  And they come in the cutest prints!

PostPartum Wrap
Okay so, soooo many people told me to get a postpartum wrap.  I didn't use one with Londyn, but I'm happy I got this one!  I started using it a few days after I delivered.  What I love is it comes in 3 pieces.  The first week, you wear one piece, the second week you add another and so on.  It's really inexpensive too, and I DEFINITELY noticed a difference.

Owlet Monitor
Okay so this isn't mandatory, but if you have a little anxiety at night time and want to set your mind at ease a bit, I highly recommend this monitor.  Maddyn doesn't mind wearing it at all, and I love how it connects to your phone, so you can instantly monitor their heart rate and oxygen level.  It's pricey but in my mind, totally worth every penny.

Boppy Pillow
Don't forget to pack this in your hospital bag!!
  It's so handy when nursing and my husband uses it all the time when he feeds Maddyn.

Breastpump Bra
Okay, so this is one of those things I was definitely Amazon priming!
Due to some medical issues postpartum, I am currently exclusively pumping.
It wasn't in my plan, so when I had to make the switch, I was sitting there, hooked up to my machine for 40 minutes minimum (20 minutes each side), every 2-3 hours.
With a newborn and a toddler, that's just NOT practical, and I was so stressed.  I ordered this bra, and now I can get the job done in just 20 minutes. Even if you are exclusively breastfeeding and occasionally pump for backup, I highly recommend this.
And when you are looking for a breast pump, definitely check with your insurance first.  Mine was covered 100% by our insurance.

Halo Bassinet
This is what we currently use at night time, and I highly recommend it.  We have it right next to our bed, and I love how it swivels 360 degrees.  It also plays music and vibrates. Maddyn loves the setting that sounds like she's in the womb and honestly, it helps put my husband and me to sleep too! Haha!

Newborn Lounger
Okay, so I use this little gem waaaaaay more than I thought I would. Unlike the boppy pillow that you can put around your waist or have them propped up in as they get older, this one is like a comfy little nest that you can lay a newborn in them comfortably.  We use this alllll the time, especially when she and her sister are playing together. Maddyn LOVES it!  I wish they made one in my size.  It looks so comfy! Haha!

Halo Sleepsacks
These are perfect for swaddling in the newborn stage.  I admit I've never been good at getting a tight swaddle as they can in the hospital.  My babies would always break out of their swaddles which makes me nervous around night time, but THIS is foolproof!  We love the muslin ones, the cotton ones were a little too thick for this time of year in Texas and Maddyn is a hot sleeper like her mama.
Like I said earlier, Maddyn isn't too big on swaddling, she loves her arms free, and this you can safely wrap them with their arms out or tucked in.

Alright y'all, so these are some of the items that we use every single day!
Honestly, this could be supppppper long but I wanted this list to be some of the not so obvious things like pacifiers and diapers (don't forget the diapers, y'all ;) )

Hope y'all have a great Friday eve!


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    1. Hi! Thank you so much. I got the template off Etsy. If you want, send me an email and I'll send you the direct link! :)