Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gender Reveal! We are having a.....


This past weekend we had such an amazing Gender Reveal Party!  I wanted to do things differently this time around, so we decided not to find out the gender at our last ultrasound and to find out with our family.  My sister was the ONLY person who knew and she, with my mom, threw us the most special gender reveal party that we will remember forever. 

Something about finding out this way was so incredibly fun and special.  I can't imagine how amazing it would be to find out the day you deliver.  (I soooo wish I had the patience to do this..haha) I was so excited all day, I couldn't sit still!  I just couldn't wait to find out!

Our theme was cupcake or studmuffin and everyone wore pink if they thought we were having a girl and blue if they thought boy!  

Londyn was especially happy to find out she is having a baby sister.  From the beginning, she has said that she was getting a sister.  I, on the other hand, was confident it was a boy.  I just felt different this pregnancy...I was sick the first 12 weeks (which I wasn't with Londyn) and I feel like I'm carrying a lot lower.  But, with that being said, I have 100% always been wrong when guessing the gender of anyone's baby, so I should have known we were having a girl! haha!  If you ever want to know the gender of your baby, just ask me and it's the opposite of what I say!  haha! 

We are so extremely excited and feel so blessed and we can't wait to meet our baby girl in July!  Daddy better get a second job with 3 girls in the house! He's definitely outnumbered! 

Have a great week everyone!  xoxo!

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