Friday, February 10, 2017

16 Week Pregnancy Update

16 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey everyone!  Since this is my first pregnancy update, I figured I'd fill you in on a few details!  This pregnancy has been a little different from when I was pregnant with Londyn.

For starters, I was never, ever sick with Londyn.  I had the occasional waves of nausea but nothing major.  I still remember with Londyn when Kenny was in the kitchen and opened a back of Chili Cheese Fritos and it immediately brought on a bit of nausea.  I could smell it from the other side of the house.  haha! 
Other than that...I was blessed with an extremely easy pregnancy.

Definitely not saying this pregnancy is difficult because I do feel to be on the lucky end.  The first 12 weeks of pregnancy I definitely had all day nausea.  I never threw up (tmi..i know) but at times, I wish I would have to give me a little relief.  Luckily that has passed and we are just truckin' along.  I'm definitely showing a LOT faster this time around than with Londyn!  Kenny and I were comparing pictures the other day and I'm currently about the size I was when I was 20 weeks with Londyn. 

We don't know the gender yet...we should be finding out within the next 4 weeks or so.  I always wish I was one to be able to wait but neither Kenny, myself or Londyn have the patience for that.  haha!

Londyn definitely has her heart set on a baby sister.  She's even mentioned that if it's a boy, it's okay because we can just send him back for a sister instead.  haha!  She's coming around to the fact that she could have a baby brother.   Some days she says she wants a baby sister and some days she says she wants a baby brother like her best friend.  It's too cute.  Her excitement of becoming a big sister is priceless.  She's constantly feeling my belly and asking if today is the day she gets to meet her new baby.  

This week has been pretty easy.  I don't remember nesting with Londyn until the very last couple of weeks, but this time around I'm constantly cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing, you name it, all day long.  
I did feel some little baby flutters last week.  I feel like that's when you really start to feel pregnant.  I loved feeling Londyn moving around all day. Well, except when she decided to do so at 3 am. :)

I have an appointment next week, so next Friday I'll be able to give more details on how baby is doing!  

Hope you have an amazing weekend!  It's going to be in the 80's here in Texas, so I'm looking forward to lots of time outside! 

Take care and thanks so much for stopping by!  

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