Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jewelry Organization

For years I have struggled with organizing my jewelry but things would get lost and tangled and mixed together and ultimately a huge mess!  FINALLY and I do mean FINALLY,  I feel like I am happy with my set up...for now at least! 

pretty little jewelry box

This Mirrored Jewelry Box was a gift from my husband for Christmas last year.  I had my eye on it for forever.  It's from Z Gallerie and I LOVE all the storage it has in it, including a hidden draw at the top that I didn't even know was there until a  few weeks after I got it ;)
 I think its just so pretty to look at.  I just love it!

  The picture frame and little clock on my table are from Hobby Lobby. My dad passed away less than a year ago, so I keep a picture of us from my wedding right next to my bed.  This is one of my favorite pictures of us so waking up and seeing his smiling face brings a lot of peace to my heart.  

 necklace organization
I am sooooooo very happy how all this turned out!  I can FINALLY SEE EVERYTHING! haha!  I got these Axis 8 Hook Wall Mount Racks from The Container Store and they are PERFECT for necklaces!  No more more lost jewelry! AND they are just $14.99 a piece! 
I do have my eye on THIS BEAUTY from Pier 1. It matches my makeup vanity (i'll link it below), I just have to convince my husband a bit more ;)  

I'll link some additional jewelry boxes below! 

I hope y'all have a great Tuesday and let me know what your favorite jewelry organization is! 

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