Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Whiter Smile with Smile Brilliant + GIVEAWAY

Whiter Teeth...the PERFECT accessory for the Holidays

Hi Everyone!  I am so excited about today's post!  
I have always, always been obsessed with getting my teeth as white as possible, especially when the holidays are rolling around.  But let's face it, with a 3 year old running around that has refused a nap since her 1st birthday, I love my coffee and I love my wine.  However, both are notorious for dulling your smile. 
In the past, I was a typical OTC white strips user but was always just "OKAY" with the results.  I found that my teeth always looked white for about a week after I finished the strips but then my white teeth started to slowly fade.  Plus, I would get extremely sensitive after using them.

I was actually in the market for a new way to whiten my teeth to achieve the results I was looking for when Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their product!
After researching the products by watching videos on how it works, and reading several testimonials, I knew I definitely wanted to give it a try!

Let me explain how it works!

What You Get

When you receive your kit, you will receive:
  • 3 sets of impression material (the third set is incase you mess up)
  • 1 upper impression tray
  • 1 lower impression tray
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Gel and Desensitizing Gel Syringes
  • Complete Instruction Guide


First you are going to want to prep your teeth by brushing and flossing.

STEP 2 - Make you Impressions

This part was so much fun to me!  One thing that really sold me on Smile Brilliant, is you get access to Professional Lab Services that will create your custom teeth whitening molds from the impressions you send them (a pre-paid envelope is included).  No more molds that don't fit properly and make you gag the entire time (been there...done that)

You simply mix one Catalyst Paste (white) and one Base Paste (blue) by folding it together over and over again until completely mixed.  You should finish with a solid, light blue putty.  Make sure you work on one tray at a time.

STEP 3 - Place Putty In Trays

Place your putty into your trays by spreading it evenly within a 30 second time frame.


Not going to lie, I'm super happy that they give you an extra set of catalyst and base paste incase you mess up because I did need it.  I put the blame on my 3 year old! haha!  While I was making my impressions, I was resting my elbows on the counter to stay still and she bumped into me causing me to move the impressions in my mouth.  It probably still would have worked, but since I had the extra, I redid it to make sure they would be perfect :)

You simply insert the tray and press into the teeth evenly and straight up.  You want to hold it in place until the putty is firm, which usually takes 2 1/2 - 3 minutes.  Make sure to have a timer near by.  You want to keep them in for a minimum of 2 min 30 secs.  

Once you remove them from your mouth, Let the impressions sit for at least 30 minutes to completely harden (I let them sit overnight) and rinse with cool water.  DO NOT remove the impressions from the tray.  

Step 5 - Repeat

Repeat steps 2-4 for your lower impressions!

Step 6 - Send Them Off

Next up is mailing you trays to a professional lab service in the pre-paid envelope so they can create the exact mold of your teeth.  It usually takes 3-5 business days for them to receive it and your custom trays will be shipped within 5 business days after receiving them.  Crazy fast, right!

Once you receive your molds back in the mail, you are ready to whiten!  You receive several syringes of Whitening Gel and Desensitizing Gel in your kit.  Each whitening process is anywhere from 45 minutes - 3 hours. Smile Brilliant recommends to start at 45 minutes and gradually increase depending on your sensitivity.  I usually whitened my teeth for 1-2 hours at a time and had minimal sensitivity. After whitening, you use the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes which helps reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining. 


Ready for my results!!!  Here are my before and afters and I still have 2 syringes of whitening gel and desensitizing gel left! I usually got 4-5 treatments out of each syringe.
Crazy right!  I am so happy with my results and it's perfect timing for the holidays!  


Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to give one lucky person their own teeth whitening system! ($139) value! To enter simply click below


If you are ready to get your hands on your own teeth whitening set right now, you can use code LOVINGLONDYN at checkout for 5% off your order! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing week ahead! Cheers to brighter, whiter teeth!

**This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.  All thoughts and opinions are my honest review. 

Professional Teeth Whitening
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nordstrom Early Savings Sale - Still In Stock

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Who else is dreaming of stuffing your face and not feeling bad about it in a couple days???  I know this girl is!  If you have been following me for a bit, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop at Norstrom.  Not only do they have EVERYTHING under the sun, but their customer service is top notch and returns could not be easier.  It's just so convenient, especially if you are an online shopper like myself!

Nordstrom is currently having their Early Savings Sale and I am so excited!

 I've rounded up some of my favorites in two affordable categories!

Category one:  under $25
Category two:  $25-$50

Sale items always go super fast and all these items (as of 10 pm last night) are still in stock!
So let's jump right on in!


HAVE IT! It comes in a ton of colors and the back is just as cute as the front!

GETTING! Ponchos are so in right now and perfect to complete any look!  And you can NOT beat the price of this one! 

WANT!  Because what's better than lounging around the house in cozy socks??

GETTING!  This is perfect to wear with leggings because it will definitely cover the tush!  Would be so cute with a cozy scarf too!  Comes in multiple colors

HAVE! The most perfect tank for any time of year!  Just throw a jacket or cardigan over it and you are good to go!  Perfect and long enough to wear with leggings too!

HAVE!  Perfect to wear under sweaters!!

Shop Under $25


GETTING! You can NOT beat the value of this jacket (less than $40) It's so classic and comes in several colors! MUST HAVE!!!

HAVE! I got this last year in the hunter green color and LOVE IT!  I'm so happy to see it back!  

WANT!  Ummm, because who can have too many plaid shirts?

WANT!  These jeans look so cute and I love the color! For $25, who could say no?

HAVE...WANT IN OLIVE GREEN!  I have a couple of these maxi dresses and lived in them in the summer time.  They look so cute with a denim jacket too!  Super flattering!  Comes in multiple colors and patterns!

GETTING! Oh I LOVE LOVE this dress so much!  How cute would it be with a Moto jacket! 

WANT!  I'm obsessed with all things lace up right now!  This dress is perfect for us who are still trying to transition into fall (come on Texas....give us some cooler weather!!!)

GETTING!  I saw this on  MakeupbyTiffanyD's recent Holiday LookBook, and I fell in LOVE!  It's just so classic and would be perfect for date night!  

WANT! Because every girl needs a pair of classic black pumps!  And you can't beat the price!  I love how the heel is not to high too because this girl looks like a newborn calf trying to walk in those extra high heels!

HAVE!  These are the BEST y'all!  They go with everything, long enough for leggings and come in a ton of colors!

GETTING! Need I say more!  How GORGEOUS is this sweater!  Another perfect option for date night or for the upcoming holidays!

Well that's it guys! I hope you enjoyed my affordable picks! There are sooooooo many great things in the sale so make sure you check it out.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

Shop $25-$50

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

the MUST HAVE dress for Fall

Hey ya'll!  So I have fallen in love with this dress over and over again (and it comes in 6 colors).  I've always loved shift dresses but find that with my long torso, they always end up looking too short on me.  This one is so perfect and I love the cut out in the back. Once it cools off more in Texas, I think it would look so cute with either a long cardigan, Moto jacket or blanket scarf!  I guess I'm saying...get ready to see me wearing it a TON! haha!

I ordered THESE Ugg boots from the NSale and I'm so happy I did!  They are the most comfortable boots I've ever walked in! They are also water resistant (which I love) and have shearling along the toes to keep them nice and cozy!  They come in several colors too.  Did anyone else pick these up during the Nordstrom Sale??

Well I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!  We are halfway to the weekend! YAY! What are your plans for the weekend?  


Thursday, November 3, 2016

On the Blog with The Mint Julep Boutique

Hey everyone! We are so close to the weekend, I can taste it! Can you believe we are already in November? I'm still wondering what happened to October! I'm hoping...HOPING...that November will bring us some cooler temps here in Texas. Fingers crossed! 

 If you have been following me for a bit on Instagram, you know that casual fashion is the name of my game.  With a very active 3 year old running around, I like to be able to taking off running full speed after her when needed.  haha!  But honestly, I've always loved dressing casually, but that doesn't mean you can't look put together.  I absolutely LOVE these Slouchy Dolman Tunics from one of my favorite online boutiques, The Mint Julep. I've been a customer of theirs for years.  Definitely check them out if you haven't already!

I love that these tunics can be dressed up or down as seen below!  I also love that they are long enough to wear with leggings, because lets face it, I basically live in leggings all fall and winter!  They are so comfy and soft and would even be cute with your monogram on them.  

The Mint Julep Boutique was kind enough to offer my readers 50% off these tunics and they come in TONS and I mean TONS of colors.  I'll have everything posted below! 

Style 1

Slouchy Dolman Tunic in Wine // Leggings // Similar Leggings here and here  // Similar shoes here and here // Sunglasses

Style 2 - front is shown folded under

Slouchy Dolman Tunic - Rust // Jeans // Similar Boots (mine are from last year)

I hope you guys enjoyed the post!  I honestly adore these and will be wearing the heck out of them! Like I mentioned earlier, The Mint Julep is offering my readers 50% off these tunics!
Simply click this link to take you straight to the page with your discounted price!  
Have a great day y'all and thank you for stopping by!

Thank you The Mint Julep Boutique for Sponsoring this Post